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.308 Subsonic

"Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful .308 150gr subsonics. They ran beautifully through my bolt action and the "sound" was incredible running through a suppressor. Nothing more than the smack of the bullet hitting paper." - Kenny M.


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​Customer Reviews:
9mm Subsonic
I fired these out of an 11.5" Ar with a YHM suppressor. They were quieter than a suppressed .22, clean, and accurate. These are the bullets to use out of a suppressed 9mm.

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We hold three Federal Firearms Licenses:  06 Ammunition Manufacturing; 01 Firearms Dealer & 07 Firearms Manufacturer.  We are also a Licensed Maryland Firearms Dealer, NFA Dealer/SOT.


Quality Control is job ONE.  Made in small lots, we hand inspect, weigh, measure, record, case gauge and test our ammunition for safety, accuracy and consistency. We won't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves. Period.  We want the best and so do you. We only use high-quality, demil or once-fired manufacturers brass, cleaned and reconditioned to near perfection.  Match grade, hard cast Lyman#2 alloy bullets, dry lubed with our no-foul K-Jax bullet coating, - a nano-tech epoxy - or manufacturers FMJ, A-Max or V-Max. We only use premium primers and powders. Brass is machine trimmed and rounds are loaded on commercial machines for consistent results.  Lot numbers are assigned to track component products.

Customer Reviews:

You guys rock!   First bought ammo at show at HC fair grounds last year, had some issues, thought it was ammo, turned out to be new barrel issues.  Nonetheless, the nice woman who helped me at point of sale and on the phone was very helpful and stood behind your product, don't see that depth of customer service these days. I could go on and on, bottom line:  good product, happy repeat customers.  I bought 2 uppers and a bunch more ammo (300 Blk) love the uppers and your group. Thanks again.  - Robert


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