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Gettysburg Gun Show

September 16 - 17

Nations Gun Show

Dulles Expo Center

September 29 - Oct 1

Eagle Arms Oaks Show


October 6 - 8

​Customer Reviews:
9mm Subsonic
I fired these out of an 11.5" Ar with a YHM suppressor. They were quieter than a suppressed .22, clean, and accurate. These are the bullets to use out of a suppressed 9mm.

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We hold three Federal Firearms Licenses:  06 Ammunition Manufacturing; 01 Firearms Dealer & 07 Firearms Manufacturer.  We are also a Licensed Maryland Firearms Dealer, NFA Dealer/SOT.

.308 Subsonic

"Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful .308 150gr subsonics. They ran beautifully through my bolt action and the "sound" was incredible running through a suppressor. Nothing more than the smack of the bullet hitting paper." - Kenny M.


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